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Internet Research Tips

Tips & Tricks

Increasingly we live in a "wired world."  Where students once went to the library for a book, now you go seeking "information."  You are as likely to locate this on a computer as in a book.  Because more and more information is available through computers and the Internet, it is vital that you understand how to find the information you need, and that you be able to evaluate these sources. 

Web Searching Tips

This site includes a plethora of useful information on how to improve the results you get from search engines, how to do advanced searches, how to use Boolean commands on the major search engines, search engine reviews, search engine tutorials, and more.


 Evaluating Web Sites

How can you know that the information you find on the web is authoritative?  These links can help you evaluate the sites you find.

Web Site Evaluation Form

Web Site Evaluation 

Texas Information Literacy Tutorial