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Wade Hood


Parents and students, here is my class supply list.  You don’t have to buy much, just paper and pencils and a folder or notebook or other organizer.

  1.  Bring yourself and a good attitude! :)
  2.  Pencils (you might erase once in a while, haha)
  3.  Notebook paper for assignments
  4.  YOUR CALCULATOR which is given to you by the school!  Just bring it.
  5. Your LAPTOP and CHARGER.  I have extension cords to plug into.  I realize that using your laptop in other classes may run down the power, especially in the afternoon.
  6. Some kind of note-taking folder or notebook.  You don’t have to keep a big binder for my class, just something to keep notes and papers you need for me

I will supply everything else (textbooks, digital files, lab notebook)


It’s all good in the Hoodaaa








This is the syllabus for Chemistry and Physics.








Wade Hood

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