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Daily Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule

 7:50 AM First Bell

7:55 AM Tardy Bell

 1st Period 7:55-8:40 AM   U.S. History

 2nd Period 8:44-9:30 AM U.S. History

 3rd  Period 9:34-10:20 AM  U.S. History

 4th  Period 10:24-11:10 AM  U.S. History

 5th  Period 11:14-12:00 AM   U.S. History

 ADVISORY 12:04-12:30

Lunch 12:30-1:05

 6th Period 1:09 to 1:55 PM    Conference

7th Period 1:59 to 2:45 PM  Freshman Athletics

8th  Period 2:49 to 3:35 PM Varsity/JV Athletics

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